producer: Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod fishers

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In 2017, a collective of pioneering irrigators came together in the Riverina region to establish an aquaculture industry from scratch. They were driven by the mission of producing premium sustainably farmed Murray Cod that was fully traceable from pond to plate. In less than five years, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod has found its place as a coveted farmed fish in top Australian restaurants and export markets around the world. 

The name Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod is derived from the aboriginal word “Akuna” which means “the way forward” or “flowing water”. Based nearby Griffith in New South Wales, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod farms premium Murray Cod that is grown in open ponds similar to the native environment of the fish species – The Murray-Darling Basin River system. 

The team at Aquna is guided by the values of producing premium quality fish, being innovative, sustainable and committed to a fish production model that their customers can trust. Being innovative is at the core of the business, with employees constantly focussed on finding a better and more efficient way of farming fish.  

Aquna is passionate about creating an experience that not only provides true value to their customers, but is respectful of the environment and wider food system in which it operates. The team currently consists of 70 employees, who take pride in being part of the only fully integrated Murray Cod company there is, all the way through breeding, growing, processing and sales. For them, the sustainably farmed Murray Cod is more than a product. It represents what’s possible when science-based innovation and practices respectful to the environment are applied to food production. 

Aquna is on a mission to become leaders in sustainable aquaculture practices and to continue producing the best quality Murray Cod in the market. The company uses a land-based farming model that allows it to have one of the lowest environmental footprints in the fishing industry. They have already been recognised with the 2019 NSW Business Chamber Excellence in Sustainability Award and the 2019 NSW Business of the Year Award. 

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