producer: Beau Found

Australia> Victoria>Port Philip Bay

Two Hands presents Beau Found to you.

Having grown up in Port Philip Bay, I have always been fascinated by the water. My father taught me how to dive and spearfish as a child and even though my family has never been involved in commercial fishery, I decided to build a career out of my strong passion for dive fishing.

The water is my home and getting an opportunity to be up close and personal with sea life is surreal. Over the years, I have built my confidence and knowledge about every reef and pocket there is in Port Philip Bay. Away from all the noise and information clutter, I spend close to 6 hours of my day underwater giving me an unparalleled sense of calm and freedom.

As a fisher and businessman, I wanted to expand my hand diving operations to introduce a range of pest and invasive products to the market. Providing a variety beyond Abalone, with beautiful produce such as Periwinkle and Wakame, allows me to not only attract restaurants but build more meaningful connections with chefs and consumers.

I strongly believe that products from Port Philip Bay speak for themselves. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my produce on a restaurant’s menu or hearing back from a chef on how my product was received by their customers!

All products are hand divided, sustainable, and super fresh, with the produce being caught and delivered to restaurants within 24 hours. More often than not, restaurant customers are only 2 kms away from where their produce was caught!

In the coming years, I wish to not only expand my product line but more importantly focus my energies on strengthening the relationships that shape my business. I would like to collaborate with more fishers in the region and together supply more of the exquisite produce Port Philip Bay has to offer to restaurants and consumers.


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