producer: Ben Craig

Australia>South Australia>Coffin Bay

Ben Craig from EP Premium Scallops is committed to providing its customers wild caught, hand-dived scallops from the pristine waters of South Australia. Having learnt the art of diving and entrepreneurship from his father, Ben and his brother have been in the business of harvesting abalone for over 20 years. They recently became one of the three scallop license holders in South Australia, with a strong desire to showcase the beautiful and versatile scallops of the region across restaurant plates in Australia. Even though EP Premium Scallops have an unrestricted yearly quota at the moment, Ben is conscious of maintaining a healthy level of scallop grounds for the sustainable future of the fishery, and the communities it supports.  

Ben loves being underwater and exploring a terrain that is hidden from most people. He is excited by the possibility of “each day being different from the day before” and believes in bringing his best self to work every day. In his free time, Ben is likely to be found travelling the roads of SA on his Harley or racing moto. 


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