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My name is John Blankenstein, and my oyster operation is a family owned and operated business located within the heart of the Mimosa Rocks National Park, New South Wales. We farm Sydney Rock Oysters which are wild caught in the pristine waters of Nelson Lagoon and Wapengo Lake.

With my background in Natural Resource Management, I have always been excited about immersing myself in the natural world. Saving money over the years helped me purchase my first aquaculture lease in 2016 and there has been no stopping ever since. Starting with 1.6 hectares of water, my family and I now operate over 7.5 hectares across two estuaries in neighbouring catchments.

At present, we only have one staff member employed, along with my wife and kids helping out from time to time. We care for every oyster ourselves from harvest of the spat through to processing, grading and sorting each individual oyster a minimum of 15 times in its life.

It takes a Mimosa Rock Oyster a minimum of 3 years to achieve a market grade oyster, with us working tirelessly to maintain the genetic integrity whilst enhancing the yield and flavour of the great mollusc. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve and create a more dynamic and outstanding paddock (Oyster Lease) to plate memorable experiences for consumers Australia wide.

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