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Australia>Tasmania>South East coast of Tasmania

I (Paul) started fishing in 1983, then progressed to being a deckhand on an abalone boat in 1986.  I now have 4 boats from which we can dive for Blacklip and Greenlip abalone, all based along different coastlines in the South East region of Tasmania.

The Tasman Peninsula, where I primarily fish, is home to the highest sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere and when the weather allows, we dive at the foot of them.

abalone diving location - Paul Richardson
Diving LITERALLY at the foot of the cliffs! Image courtesy of Paul Richardson, Abalone diver

There is no industry and a very small population on the Tasman Peninsula, so the waters are pristine, even by the high standards of Tasmania. This area is also home to the iconic Three Capes Walk. 

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania – Image courtesy of robburnettimages. Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett








My son Benn joined me in the business 12 years ago, first as a deckhand, and now as a diver. I’m proud that Benn is not only keen to take over from me once I decide to retire, but also to make a difference in the industry. I have been involved in the management of the Tasmanian Abalone Council and the Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council over the past eight years, doing my own part to grow the industry sustainably and I’m glad to see that attitude has rubbed off on Benn.

If you would like to know more about us or our operation, please contact us at

abalone diving - heading out - Paul Richardson
We have to take the dinghy over to get right next to the cliffs for our dive. Image courtesy of Paul Richardson, Abalone diver


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