producer: Bay Sea Farms

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

My name is Peter Lillie and I started Bay Sea Farms.  I came from a farming background, but made the leap to fishing in 1986, when sea licenses became available.

Along with my brother and my longtime business partner, we wanted to take a fresh approach that was sustainable and environmentally friendly. Knowing that the wild ‘seed stock’ (miniature juvenile mussels that develop from larvae) was inconsistent and unreliable, we pursued aquaculture in collaboration with the Victorian Fishing Authority, establishing a hatchery at Queenscliff.

From there, we decided to make our operation vertically integrated to have control of the key factors that ensure quality and consistency:

  • our Queenscliff hatchery (which doesn’t require drawing upon wild stock for better sustainability)
  • our seeding and harvesting process
  • our purpose built processing plant (5 minutes from Mornington Pier).
Locations of our operation in Mornington Peninsula – Image courtesy of Bay Sea Farms


Our mussels are always harvested early in the morning, and we are vigilant in maintaining a consistent cold chain.  This is absolutely vital to providing a premium seafood product.

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