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First populated over 35,000 years ago by indigenous Australians, Flinders Island, as it is named today due to its exploration by Mathew Flinders, has become a quaint and rural agricultural outpost. It’s checkered past, like much of Australia, includes the short-lived settlement of Wybalenna , then home to exiled Tasmanian Aboriginals.  

The island, part of the Furneaux Islands, is located between the mainland of Australia and Tasmania. Today, it is both a tourist destination, known for its small, but vibrant food sector, and an agricultural hub, producing beef, lamb, wool and a range of seafood from its small yet productive commercial fishing industry.  

The township of Killecrankie is called home by approximately 24 locals, many who have lived there for generations. Located in the the North-West corner of Flinders Island it has stunning beach frontage surrounded by granite boulders known to be rich in diamonds, and other rare gems. The bay of Killecrankie provides safe harbour for local fishers, who set pots amongst the underwater rock features of this unique environment.


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