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Australia > Tasmania > Tasmanian south-east coast

The Tasmanian south-east coast, overlooking the Tasman Sea and close by the state’s capital, Hobart, is where things get truly wild. Soaring sea cliffs, monumental rock formations, and gorgeous white sand beaches characterise the area.



The Tasman Peninsula and National Park is a key point of interest thanks to its spectacular natural beauty, breathtaking views, and dramatically rugged coastline. It is connected by a small isthmus named Eaglehawk Neck, a natural wonder considered one of Tasmania’s best-kept secrets. Being entirely surrounded by national parks, its land and waters are pure and uncontaminated. On its east, the Tasman Sea; on its west, the tortuous Storm Bay, the magnificently scenic entry when approaching Hobart by sea. Going further to the South, there’s South Bruny Island and National Park, known for its beautiful walks along the coastline and lush rainforest to explore.


Tasmania is located in the teeth of the Roaring Forties, westerly winds found in the Southern Hemisphere between forty and fifty degrees latitude. In particular, these are especially strong in the South of Tasmania. The Roaring Forties bring the world’s freshest air and bountiful, clean rains, positively impacting the environment and making Australia’s island state renowned for its extremely clean, healthy, and sustainable fishing.


Note: Images courtesy of Tourism Australia. 


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