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Apollo Bay is part of the National Heritage-listed Great Ocean Road. This Australian icon stretches over 150 miles and hugs Victoria’s western coastline…..


The winding coastal road – Great Ocean Road – Image courtesy of Tourism Australia


….along the Southern Ocean, which stretches unbroken to Antarctica. The rugged coast line is a tribute to the rhythmic relationship between water and land, studded with caves, arches and rock islands, as the soft limestone cliffs have slowly been eroded by nature.


Great Ocean Road coastline – Image courtesy of Tourism Australia


This combination of pristine, icy cold waters and soft rock formations creates a perfect home for a variety of high quality seafoods.


Apollo Bay itself began as a timber-cutters village, then became a farming community (mainly dairy), although today it is more known for its fishing, seafood and tourism.


Apollo Bay, part of the Great Ocean Road


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