region: Australia > Victoria > Werribee

Australia > Victoria > Werribee

Although up to 35% of Australia’s landmass is effectively considered desert (primarily in the centre of the country), surrounding Melbourne are a number of geothermal springs and ancient acquifers. As a result, hot springs can be enjoyed at various locations around Melbourne.


Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria – Image courtesy of Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism


In the Werribee region, about 30 minutes drive West of Melbourne, the 1,500 year old acquifer combines with the Werribee River to support numerous commercial farming applications such as large market gardens and farmed barramundi.

As the Werribee River winds it’s way towards Port Philip Bay, several parks have been created to take advantage of the scenic views of this National Trust classified waterway and the striking red cliffs it has carved out of the surrounding land.


The red cliffs of Werribee River, Victoria