Are you a ‘greenie’ or a ‘bluie’?

You are likely familiar with New Zealand’s green mussels and European black/blue mussels, but have you tried Australian blue mussels? Green mussels tend to be larger meatier and milder in flavour. They are smaller, less meaty and richer in flavour compared to green mussels. European mussles can often be a bit gritty due to their […]

Why doesn’t this lobster have claws?

Not all lobsters have claws. In fact, there are 45 species of Rock or Spiny Lobsters (compared to 30 of Clawed Lobsters), where the succulent meat is only found in the tail. “Nothing between here and Antarctica!” Paul Richardson, Abalone diver. Image supplied by Paul Richardson. Some of these rock lobsters grow in warm waters, […]