producer: Brendon Taylor

Australia>Tasmania (SW Coast)>Margate

My nickname is Squizzy.  After I finished school at 15, I got started in West Australia fishing Western Rock Lobster as a deckhand.  Eventually I came to Tassie to start up my own operation and settle here.

Now I have a large vessel with two deckhands and my son is following in my footsteps – at age 10 he has already started helping as a deckhand and wants to join the business.

I operate in very remote conditions deep out at sea – I often can stay out at sea for up to 2 weeks with no phone or tv.  Not the life for everyone, but I love it.

My boat is designed with a special filtration system so that the fish stay in pristine condition with constant flow of seawater passing through until they return to port.

If you’d like to know more about my operation, feel free to contact me at


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