producer: Chris and Rachael Theodore

Australia > New South Wales > South Coast

Chris and wife Rachael are the proud owners of Sea Urchin Harvest, harvesting and skillfully processing the finest Sea Urchin Roe. Chris started diving from a young age, learning what it takes to be a great diver directly from his dad, a successful Abalone diver. Having dived commercially for over 25 years, Chris has experienced some astonishing experiences in the water. One of the best stories he likes to tell is when a 30-tonne whale grabbed his hose dragging him closer and closer to its massive flapping tail. Last second, Chris managed to undo his weight vest buckle and release the hose. He then recovered his catch, swam to the surface, and called it a day! 

‘We all have a connection with the ocean’, say Chris and Rachael, who have been dedicated to the environment since they launched in 2008. Hand-diving Sea Urchins with absolutely no by-catch, their work has been crucial in restoring the local kelp and seaweed forests. Indeed, the long spine Sea Urchin has been experiencing a population explosion due to waters warming, causing destructive grazing of productive kelp beds/seaweed forests. The company’s environmental stewardship has even been recognised by Seafood Excellence Awards.  

What Chris and Rachael love most about their job is the people they work with and get to meet. They have a team of about 30 people, and they reckon what makes them a strong workforce is teamwork, loyalty, and communication.    


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