producer: Danny Kent

Australia> Victoria>Port Philip Bay

Danny Kent belongs to a long line of family fishers.  

He started fishing at the age of 14 with his father and uncles, who themselves learnt from their father. He learnt a lot as their apprentice and fondly remembers those days as “Putting the boat in and out of gear and lighting their smoke”.  

Danny is one of the eight licensed long line fishers in Port Phillip Bay, with an unparalleled commitment to provide chefs and consumers fresh and high-quality seafood. Having lived in Portarlington all his life, he knows every crevice of the bay. Unlike other Snapper fishers, he spreads his fishing season from mid-November to May, which not only keeps him busy, but makes him one of the few to fish for Snapper beyond March in Port Philip Bay.  

For him, while the quality of the fish from Port Philip Bay “speaks for itself”, respectfully handling and delivering it to market within 48 hours of being caught makes all the difference. Danny takes pride in the amount of time and effort he invests in taking care of the fish. “I have been involved in fishing for close to 50 years and not once have I heard any complaint about my fish.” “No more than 3 inches of ice to pack the fish” or making sure the fish is placed in the box “as per its natural shape” are a few testaments of his commitment and meticulous expertise in handling fish.  

Fishing is Danny’s passion and keeps him going every day. He is dedicated towards honouring the produce and the relationships he has built over the years. For me “It’s never been about the money but making sure I maintain the trust I have established with my customers”.  


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