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The team behind Fujian Humin Fresh Food Co., Ltd have a deep affection for Xiapu as their hometown, so it was the perfect place to fulfil their dreams of bringing the best of local seafood to the whole of China, as well as to bring economic benefits to their fellow villagers.

When Director Wu Bijuan was a child, she liked digging black snails on the beach with bare feet. Returning to her hometown after many years of successful business in Shanghai, Wu, together with her childhood friend Lin Fengbiao and her nephew Li Xuanwei, built an organic Yellow Croaker farming operation under the Bamin Mountain and Sea brand (means Delicacies in Fujian). As an old Chinese saying goes, “live by mountains and sea”, they certainly make good use of local resources.

Guanjin Ocean looks like a gourd with narrow sea gate but with a wide sea area inside, most of which belongs to Xiapu county. The currents are moderate and stable, creating a good breeding environment for marine life. Third generation fisher, Lin recognised the local environmental advantages of this natural Yellow Croaker spawning site in the Guanjin Ocean as well as the world-class natural deep-water harbor in the Sandu Gulf, and came up with the idea of deep-sea farming.

He invited “Father of Yellow Croaker” Liu Jianfu to be technical advisor who has engaged in Large Yellow Croaker breeding technology research and development for more than 30 years. They work together to raise the best quality fish fry (juveniles). Combining their experience and insight in seafood industry, their Yellow Croaker is optimized and can be customized to best meet market demand.

The baby fish live in the small pen for one and half a year, then they are transported to a larger pen to start the simulation of wild Yellow Croaker farming. Although most Yellow Croaker sold in China is usually harvested at 6-10 months, Fujian Humin Fresh Food Co. takes 5 years to raise a mature (over 1 kilo) organic Large Yellow Croaker, which delivers a more robust taste.


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