producer: Macka's Beef

Australia>NSW>Mid-north coast of NSW

Ours is a family operation started back to 1884 when my father’s (Archie Mackenzie) Aunts Bella and Audie first started running Black Angus cattle on their property near Port Stephens, New South Wales. Fueled by a passion to produce the highest quality cattle, Archie took over from his aunts. Since then, the business has been passed down from father to son to the present day, where my grandsons, 4th generation Mackenzie boys, are preparing to one day take over the reins from myself (Bruce) and my son, Robert.


Our passion for and commitment to quality has led to a focus on world class genetics and breeding of Australian Black Angus cattle. Located in one of Australia’s finest beef raising regions, we actually have 5 different parcels of land: Woko Station, Oakfield park, Salt Ash, Berrico, Skibo Downs, with each of these playing a pivotal role.

Here, our  beef cattle graze the best east coast farming land in Australia. They enjoy a stress-free life with their care and wellbeing paramount to the company. We pride ourselves on respect for our land and cattle – an ideal that has lead to our brand becoming synonymous with quality, history and integrity.

Cattle graze on natural native pastures, augmented with the introduction of better pasture seed, soil health monitoring, and stock rotation. The cattle are hormone and antibiotic-free.

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