producer: Mitch Sanders

Australia > New South Wales > Terrigal

“Fishing is what I wanted to do as a kid. Once I went trapping with an older friend and I got hooked”, says Mitch, a first-generation fisherman. He officially started working in the industry at 22, establishing his operations in the beautiful town of Terrigal, New South Wales, where he grew up and lives with his family.  

Mitch has two full-time deckhands working with him, “They are very focused on our business values, and are looking forward to running the boats themselves one day soon.”, he says. Quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction are the main values driving the business. Mitch explains how he and his team always move with the animals they’re targeting, and don’t stay in the same place for too long to avoid overfishing, ensuring healthy stocks in the future.  

His typical day starts before dawn and ends around 3 pm, packing the product. What Mitch loves the most about his job is working on the sea, “she is a beautiful office”, he says. One of the coolest experiences during his career includes seeing a big pod of killer whales and sharks feasting on a dead humpback whale.  


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