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King Salmon is the largest of the Pacific Salmon species. Native to the Northwestern coast of North America and North-East Asia, King Salmon was first introduced into New Zealand from Northern California as a game fish in the late 19th century.  

What truly makes New Zealand King Salmon a unique breed of King Salmon is a team of dedicated professionals who invest years of expertise and care into raising their fish. This care is evident all the way from the hatcheries to the processing facilities in the health and quality of the end product as well as their continued focus on maintaining a high environmental standard.  

This focus has resulted in the New Zealand King Salmon and its farming practices achieving a ‘Best Choice’ rating by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s ‘Best Aquaculture Practices’ standard. 

“We are passionate about creating the ultimate salmon experience. As the world’s largest producer, we are the King Salmon experts with more than 30 years of farming, processing and branding this unique breed.” Now it its tenth generation of farming, the team’s actions are being guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals working to fulfil aquaculture’s potential to become a positive force for the health of the environment and its people.  


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