producer: Paul Clark

Australia > Queensland > Gulf of Carpentaria

Paul first started his career as a wheeler in Melbourne’s fish market, where he learned how to skillfully cut fish. Later, he moved to Cairns and started his own business. Having been in business for 15 years now, Paul is an expert in sourcing the highest quality mud crabs. “Throwing a trap out to catch a crab is a form of art. You can only catch them where they are, and they’re only going to be there to breed or find food.” says Paul. 

The limited competition in the Gulf of Carpentaria, where Paul operates, positively affects his catch. Indeed, Paul explains that there are only nine crab licenses in the area, allowing them to leave the soft-shelled crabs that still need to grow, and come back to catch them when they’re ready, ensuring the quality is always at its best and the industry is sustainable.  

The environment Paul works in is not always easy. A few times he has been bitten by a crab, however, the scariest is when he sees 4-5 meters long crocodiles, common in the area. “I freeze when I see them!”, he says.

Despite these experiences, Paul loves his job, and, in particular, the freedom and the lifestyle it creates. He can start very early in the morning, and still have plenty of time in the afternoon for activities he enjoys, like coaching footy.  


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