producer: The Davis Family

Australia > Tasmania > Flinders Island

Like many, the Davis family were attracted to the incredible natural beauty of the South Eastern Australian hideaway of Flinders Island, where they decided to permanently move from Beaconsfield, Tasmania.  

Charlie, the patriarch of the family, was inspired by the opportunity to revive the original Lackrana abattoir abandoned and left to ruin by its previous owners. Supported by daughter Laura, and sons Payden and Toby, they have spent 6-months bringing the site back to a functional state. It is their mission to re-start a forgotten practice on the island, harvesting and processing wild Bennett’s Wallaby from an astoundingly abundant population.  

The family have deep expertise in wild-harvesting from their previous operation in Beaconsfield, believing strongly in low impact models of meat production. Charlie and the boys skillfully harvest the wallaby themselves, ensuring they are in control of the whole process and reducing their impact on other species and the surrounding environment.