producer: Tracy and Peter Bold

Australia > Victoria > Port Philip Bay

Advanced Mussel Supply is a family owned and operated business farming native Blue Mussels in Port Philip Bay for over 30 years.  

Their extraordinary journey has seen a multi-generational business grow and thrive as knowledge has been handed from father to son. Together, Tracy and Peter have not just expanded the size of the operation to three 16-hectare sites, but have been accredited with the Australian Food Award for “Best in Class 2018” and also explored opportunities over the years to farm various species of oyster including the native Ostrea Angasi.   

In addition to farming mussels, Tracy, Peter and a team of chefs together run the “Little Mussel Café” located in Portarlington, on the Western edge of Port Philip Bay. The café offers customers fresh seafood preparations, with smoked and soused mussels being a favourite.  The produce if not their own, is locally sourced and cooked with the same level of care as is applied by the team on their leases within the bay. 

   “I love interacting with people at our café. Being able to provide consumers mussels from paddock to plate and educating them on how to best cook and eat the produce is the most satisfying experience”, said Tracy.  

The two are both quietly passionate about the low impact that mussel farming has as a food source for local Australians.
If you’d like to know more about the Advance Mussel Supply operation, click here.  



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