producer: Xavier Prime

Cororooke, Victoria

Xavier Prime has been a part of the poultry industry for as long as he can remember. Having grown up on a family farm, he began his journey by showing Ancona chickens in agricultural shows during his primary school years. He later joined his father who owned a refrigeration courier business, and thereafter spent his time delivering eggs, meeting customers and making extra pocket money.  

Eventually, Xavier moved to Darwin after completing a building apprenticeship in Colac, Victoria, with the aim of saving money to buy his own farm one day. After 5 years, on a week off at home, he found a Kelpie named Turbo in a pound, and it changed his life. “I could not take Turbo back to Northern Territory with me, so I quit my job, bought half the family farm with my savings and started Chooks At The Rooke shortly after.” 

“What drives me is seeing animals behave naturally happy, and be relaxed in their environment”. For Xavier, being at the farm is a win-win situation, as providing for the chooks not only makes him happy but gives him the freedom of working his own hours.  

What makes Chooks At The Rooke unique is their commitment to provide chickens with a purposeful and meaningful pasture-raised life. Xavier takes into consideration each and every aspect of how an egg is produced and focusses on providing animals healthy living conditions so as to achieve the best outcome for them. While each day is different and often weather dependent; most days begins with the delivery of eggs to the local cafes, followed by feeding the cockerels, egg layers and Marenmmas. Xavier and his main team member Mia then spend their time collecting, grading and packing eggs. 

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