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The seas near Xiapu of Fujian Province are considered a “blue pasture” because they boast abundant sea and fishery resources. Located along a stretch of the East China Sea almost halfway between Shanghai and Hong Kong, the water is protected, so you can even see the rare white dolphin.


Situated at the intersection of Guanjing Ocean and Dongwu Ocean currents, it features both unobstructed internal tides and appropriate water temperature (never below 10℃), making it perfect for fish breeding.




The local scenery of Xiapu is as beautiful as its name, implying rosy clouds and blue rivers, and so is widely considered to be ‘bright as a pearl inlaid in the coast of East China Sea’. You cannot afford to miss the sunset over the sea: golden beaches, seaweed farms, fish boats, reefs and acacia trees…The unique scenery attracts photographers from around the world.





Besides the beautiful coast, there are many other attractions to explore in the area. Just north of Ningde is Taimu Mountain, which boasts ‘forests’ of granite peaks and many rock cavities and grottoes.


There is a yellow-croaker-shaped rock on Doumu Island with the interesting name “Heavenward Yellow Fish”. Local people worship the stone as the incarnation of their ancestors, guarding the peace and quiet of the area.


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