region: Batemans Bay

Australia > New South Wales > Batemans Bay

The Clyde River, also known as the Bhundoo, travels a long distance of 125 kms across spectacular mountain ranges, three National parks and close to ten State Forests before merging into an estuary at the Batemans Bay in New South Wales.

The river is considered to be the cleanest and most pristine waterway in Eastern Australia. The water quality is exceptional with no industries located in the region, thereby contributing to the unique taste notes of the Pacific Oysters.

The beauty of the Clyde Estuary is best enjoyed through sailing, river and ocean fishing, kayaking or perhaps soaking in a picture-perfect sunset at the Batemans Bay. If exploring National Parks and trekking are your keen interests, be sure to visit the Clyde River National Park near Batemans Bay. You’ll find plenty of breathtaking locations nestled in steep forested hills and tree-lined foreshores with rare patches of mangrove and saltmarsh; all suitable for camping, birdwatching or for just unwinding at the shore with your favorite book!


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