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South Australia’s coastline along the Southern Ocean stretches unbroken, facing Antarctica. The combination of pristine, icy cold waters and soft rock and coral formations creates a perfect home for a variety of high-quality seafood. Fresh-farmed and wild-caught, high-quality, southern bluefin tuna, yellowtail kingfish, southern rock lobster, green lip and black lip abalone, king prawns, blue mussels, and Pacific and Angasi oysters are exported from here to the rest of the world. 

Port Lincoln is home to the Spencer Gulf king prawns due to its unique geographical conditions. Port Lincoln has a contrasting coastal landscape, ranging from sheltered waters and beaches, to surf beaches and rugged oceanic coastline. The Great South Australian Coastal Upwelling System brings cold, nutrient-rich water into nearby waters of the Great Australian Bight and Spencer Gulf. These upwellings support lucrative fisheries. 

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year to be in Port Lincoln, with many opportunities to get on, in and under the water. There are opportunities to swim with sea lions or observe the delightful creatures from the deck. Or cruise the magnificent Boston Bay and sample some of the best and freshest Port Lincoln seafood. Nearby Lincoln National Park is a great way to experience local wildlife, untouched beaches, panoramic views, and secluded camp spots. 


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