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Apollo Bay is part of the National Heritage-listed Great Ocean Road. This Australian icon hugs Victoria’s western coastline along the Southern Ocean, which stretches unbroken to Antarctica. The rugged coastline is a tribute to the rhythmic relationship between water and land, studded with caves, arches and rock islands, as the soft limestone cliffs have slowly been eroded by nature. This combination of pristine, icy cold waters and soft rock formations creates a perfect home for a variety of high-quality seafood.

The winding coastal road – Great Ocean Road – Image courtesy of Tourism Australia

Located around 197 kilometres from Melbourne, an average 4-hour journey to and fro can be completed in a day. With an overnight visit or a weekend trip though, tourists can explore several different sites and activities like Bells Beach, Bay of Islands, Gibson Steps, Loch Ard Gorge, Otways, Kennett River Koala Reserve, whale watching in Warnambool and Anglesea golf course’s wild kangaroos.

Apollo Bay, part of the Great Ocean Road

The Marriners Lookout especially is a breathtaking location for any visitor. The steep walk to this destination allows one to savour an extensive view of the Apollo Bay Harbour and the surrounding coastline of the Great Ocean Road.

The surrounding coastlines and rivers at Apollo Bay give fishers the optimum environment to capture great quality produce like the infamous Southern Rock Lobster. Recreational fishers can also enjoy the delightful experience of fishing a variety of different species like trevally, squid, bream, mullet, salmon and more. Local catch at the harbour is also available for the picking right off the boat from Southern Ocean Fishing. Or if you simply enjoy devouring a good seafood meal, this beautiful fishing village offers visitors the chance to enjoy authentic and fresh, local seafood like crayfish. The Apollo Bay Seafood Festival, held every year since 2011, features live cooking demos from celebrity and local chefs, lots of lip-smacking seafood, wine, entertainment and more.

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