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Noojee, a town named after the Aboriginal word for ‘contentment’ or ‘place to rest’, is perfectly situated for this name, sitting as it does at the southern entrance to the Snowy Mountains. This picturesque town on the Latrobe River in SE Victoria is home to a wide range of heritage and natural attractions. Noojee Trestle Bridge is one of the oldest wooden trestle bridges in Victoria. Nearby Baw Baw National Park offers colorful wildflowers in early summer and open grassy plains with Snow Gum woodlands, as well as the ski fields of Mt. Baw Baw in winter. 

Noojee is well known and perfectly situated for trout fishing, because of its pristine water resource direct from the nearby Snowy Mountains. The Alpine area takes serious responsibility to the environment, having developed effective and affordable wastewater systems, managing flood regimes to sustain natural systems while minimizing adverse impacts. The key natural lakes are also under a long-term monitoring programme.