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A local port area made up of over 16 bays, Port Philip is the entry point to Australia’s busiest port and one of Victoria’s most popular recreational destinations. The cool and clean water of the region not only makes for a superior product but is internationally recognised to be the home of over 100 species of Australian and migratory waterbirds. Popular for fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling, the scenic beauty of Port Philip is best explored through boating. The Bay is dotted by several marine reserves such as the Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park protecting a diverse marine environment comprising of Swan Bay, Mud Islands, Popes Eye, Point Lonsdale, Point Nepean, and Portsea Hole.

Boats at St Kilda beach – Image courtesy of Tourism Australia, Visit Victoria

The bay is home to many seaside villages, as well as the Port of Melbourne. One of these villages is Portarlington, which, besides attracting beach-goers, both commercial and recreational fishing figures large here due to its decent water depth. In fact, this town is well-known for mussel farming and hosts a Mussel Festival every year!

Another popular destination on the Bay is Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful tourist destination for both Australians and overseas travellers. Tourists can enjoy a number of different recreational activities like coastal walks, swimming, world-class wineries, picnics, barbecues, lookouts and more.

Winery at Mornington Peninsula – Image courtesy of Tourism Australia

Supporting a wide variety of natural habitats, from mudflats, mangroves and saltmarshes to rocky reefs, sponge gardens and seagrass beds – Port Philip Bay is a vital natural resource of Victoria, reflective of the diverse and unique range of marine life the region has to offer!

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