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Wyndham is considered to be one of Victoria’s historical food bowls, with its fertile lands producing majority of the state’s leafy greens such as cabbage and broccoli. The region’s proximity to the Werribee River, and an overall high amount of rainfall has also supported numerous commercial farming businesses over the years.


Infinity Blue raises their barramundi in geothermally heated spring waters from the region, drawn from an ancient aquifer that links Hepburn Springs and the Peninsula Hot Springs. This aquifer is over 1200 years old and is free of industrial or biological pollutants, allowing the fish to develop a natural layer of fat and offer a mild and sweet flavour profile.


Wyndham and its surrounding areas are not only famous for their agriculture and natural water resources but breathtaking attractions such as the You Yang peaks, Werribee Park Precinct and K Road Cliffs. The region is stepped in culture and provides plenty of recreational opportunities to its visitors – be it immersive experiences at the B-24 Liberator Memorial (home of Australia’s only surviving World War II bomber) or African wildlife safaris at the Werribee Open Range Zoo.



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