Sardines from Port Phillip Bay now available – New producer on board

The last commercial net fishers in Port Phillip Bay, Phil McAdam and his daughter Kate, are now on the Two Hands marketplace, bringing their delicious, fresh-from-the-water sardines, caught with minimal impact, to Melbourne restaurants. Unfortunately, under blanket legislation passed by the Victorian State Parliament, all commercial net fishing in Port Phillip Bay will be removed […]

Because no one can get enough of the gorgeous New Zealand King Salmon….

The award-winning King Salmon aquaculture operation we work with at Two Hands has recently been recognised by Seafood Watch as the ONLY “Best Choice” source of farmed salmon in the world. So we are especially pleased to be able to offer you 3 additional varieties from this award-winning aquaculture operation: King Salmon smoked fillet (hot […]

Four new wild-catch offerings from Corner Inlet

We welcome all our chef partners back from the INTERMINABLE Victorian lockdown with 4 new wild-catch fish species available from Luke Anedda in the stunning Corner Inlet fishing area near Wilson’s Prom: Jack Mackerel – also known as the Greenback Horse Mackerel, these fish are not commonly found in the nets of our Corner Inlet […]

Scallops now in season!

These bottom-dwelling molluscs are usually found in the bountiful waters of Southern Australia. But thanks to fisher Bruce Collis, the Two Hands marketplace now has access to locally-caught delectable beauties from the pristine waters just off Mornington Peninsula, in the Bass Straits. The season is short, so grab some while you can – your diners […]