Because no one can get enough of the gorgeous New Zealand King Salmon….

The award-winning King Salmon aquaculture operation we work with at Two Hands has recently been recognised by Seafood Watch as the ONLY “Best Choice” source of farmed salmon in the world.

So we are especially pleased to be able to offer you 3 additional varieties from this award-winning aquaculture operation:

King Salmon smoked fillet (hot and cold) – The fillets are cured in a sea salt and brown sugar mix, after which it is exposed to low temperature smoking with New Zealand beech wood. With its vibrant colour and faint sea salt aroma, each slice has a velvety texture, with the hot fillets having stronger smoked flavour notes compared to the cold fillets, with their fresher and mild smoky flavour notes.

King Salmon smoked fillet

Ora King caviar – The word Ōra translates to “fresh” and “alive” in New Zealand’s native language, Māori. Only the highest quality salmon is handpicked by a master grader, those having the most appealing taste, texture, size and colour. The Ōra King Salmon Caviar, are the eggs or roe of the salmon. They are vibrant orange jewels, that pop, and melt into the mouth.

Ōra King Salmon Caviar