There’s nothing like roe at its freshest…

While we have become accustomed to the year-round availability of trout roe, taking advantage of its incredibly short true season is special. As the weather chills, for a very short number of weeks, the Trout are in prime condition to be carefully hand-milked for their eggs. This means your diners can enjoy it fresh and […]

Smokey Bay Razorfish – the taste of wild, the access of farmed

Originating his fish from wild broodstock, James Boylan matures his razorfish in the cooler southern waters for up to three years, then collects them by hand. Not only does this mean his produce has negligable impact on other marine life and the the species, but you benefit from his expertise in perfectly matured, individually selected […]

Seafood Sustainability Tour – our first, and definitely won’t be our last!

We love seeking out and supporting producers who make the extra effort to minimise their footprint and ensure the sustainability of their operation for future generations. We know this is why many of our chefs work with us as well. So it was wonderful to bring our vision of directly connecting producers and chefs to […]