New producers & product updates

Last month we had to say a very sad farewell to Phil McAdam and his gorgeous Port Phillip Bay sardines. This was due to the Victorian government’s decision to end the last of the commercial net fishing licenses in the bay, to instead focus on encouraging recreational fishing. Thus, unfortunately, all our incredibly-supportive Melbourne restaurants can no longer offer a fresh, locally-sourced sardine dish on their menus.

Nevertheless, the Two Hands team continues to seek out wonderful new producers and their products to offer to chefs through our marketplace.

Steven and Carly Thomson of Gazander Oysters, with their Pacific Oysters from Coffin Bay, SA joined the Two Hands offering in March. They use a suspension cultivating system to ideally grow a hard-edge, well-rounded oyster shell with a high meat to shell ratio. They also use long-line baskets to further build on the already positive sustainability impact of these farmed oysters.

Starting in May, Xavier Prime’s eggs will join our marketplace in addition to his award-winning cockerels from Chooks at the Rooke. Xavier’s chickens are not just free range – Xavier and his team are committed to providing all their chickens with a purposeful and meaningful pasture-raised life.

Also in May, stunning Coral Trout from the Great Barrier Reef will be available, thanks to Chris Bolton Fishing. Chris is a proud “Reef Guardian Fisher”, who embraces that doing his best for his customers, environment and future of the Great Barrier Reef is intrinsically tied to the future of his business and his family’s future in Kurrimine Beach. In coming months, more of Chris’ species catch will be brought to the Two Hands marketplace.

The Two Hands team are currently down on Flinders Island, meeting with Southern Rock Lobster fishers and beef producers as our next quality, blockchain-authenticated product offerings. Stay tuned!