Two Hands moves beyond seafood to bring you award-winning cockerels

We’re thrilled to announce the first sales from Xavier Prime and his award-winning produce from Chooks at the Rooke began this week on the Two Hands marketplace, giving you direct access to highly flavourful, sustainable poultry in addition to seafood for the first time.

What makes Chooks at the Rooke unique is their commitment to provide chooks with a purposeful and meaningful pasture-raised life. Having bagged the 2021 Australian Harvey Norman Delicious Food Award Gold Trophy for Best Paddock Produce – Xavier and his team take into consideration each and every aspect of how an egg is produced and focus on providing animals with healthy living conditions so as to achieve the best outcome for them.

2021 Australian Harvey Norman Delicious Food Award Gold Trophy for Best Paddock Produce

The cockerels are raised in a free-range system on the same farm as their sisters who lay eggs for 24 weeks. While they take three times as long as a conventional meat bird to reach around 2kg in weight, they offer a deliciously meaty and fattier flavour profile in comparison to the birds culled within a few days of being born.

Xavier Prime 

What drives me is simply seeing animals behaving naturally happy…that’s my job”, says Xavier. And nothing makes us happier than directly connecting producers and farmers to chefs and consumers, in a way that is transparent, authenticated and real.

Following the successful sale of Xavier’s first 150 birds, he is expanding his cockerel offering with a goal of offering 1,000 birds a month. So be sure to keep an eye out for notifications when these delicious meaty birds are next available!