High-quality 100% verified Black Angus from Macka’s beef now available – learn more about our new producer  

Did you know that not all Black Angus beef is 100% Black Angus?

Our new producer’s Australian Black Angus is checked and verified by Angus Australia, Australia’s premier Angus Breed verification organisation. Angus beef comes from a breed of cattle called Aberdeen Angus originally from Scotland, and it is one of the few breeds originally developed for beef production only. This sturdy heritage means Angus cattle have significant muscle content, in addition to producing excellent intramuscular fat for superior eating quality.

Macka’s is a family owned and operated business who have been raising Angus cattle for five generations, operating in the beautiful district of Gloucester, New South Wales. “We pride ourselves on respect for our land and cattle – an ideal that has led to the Macka’s brand becoming synonymous with quality, history, and integrity”, says Bruce, who now manages the farm together with his son Robert. They believe that “Happy cattle makes great beef”, and thus have a strong focus on ensuring that the cattle live a stress-free life. The cattle graze the best east coast farming land in the country, and Macka’s is the first Australian farm to use pain relief for all on farm tagging and vet procedures.