On the way to becoming seafood positive

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with OneFishTwoFish which will make a difference to the health of our oceans. Their vision is to move towards a ‘circular’ seafood economy, where fish stocks are regularly replenished, and harvest is balanced with production.​ As the core of our work relies on healthy ocean ecosystems, we’re so excited to use our business to create positive impact.

A percentage of every seafood transaction made through Two Hands is directed to marine restoration projects such as returning two fishes per every fish removed in Corner Inlet, restoring kelp reefs throughout the Sydney metropolitan region, and more. These investments are calculated against biodiversity improvement metrics which in effect offset the impact of our chefs’ and producers’ seafood production and consumption, helping to restore the ecosystems that they rely on.

As sustainably sourced food is one of the core values driving our business, we strongly believe in this partnership and are excited for what’s to come. ​

To learn more about OneFishTwoFish, visit their website. ​