producer: Cain USA Beef

USA>Nebraska>Broken Bow

Cain USA Beef is run by Dr. Don and Maureen Cain as a ‘full cycle’ operation, to create the best and most consistent beef quality. They control genetic selection, breeding, cow/calf production, post-weaning on pasture/feed, through to finishing at feedlot. Dr. Don Cain is a 5th generation cattleman. Even though he is an accomplished veterinarian, he emphasises that he is a cattleman first and foremost. His great grandfather and grandfather helped him get started in the industry at the age of 9.

Maureen Cain is a first-generation cattlewoman. She has had a love of cows since her childhood in the New England countryside. The common passion for cows warmed up the relationship between them – their first date saw them working together as doctor and nurse helping a cow with calving problems.

The Cain’s herd has benefitted from a closed genetic pool since his grandfather’s time, carefully selecting and intensifying the key traits in their herd to deliver both performance and meat quality. Their holistic approach to the health and management of their herd also extends to land and water management, to make sure Cain USA Beef flourishes for many more generations. “Cain USA Beef – it’s a cut above naturally. Experience the difference.”


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