producer: Infinity Blue Barramundi


Paul Harrison and Matthew Mangan are two mates who founded Infinity Blue in 2001 because they wanted to help feed the world with delicious, sustainably-produced fish.  Paul is a PhD marine biologist, while Matthew actually trained to become a plumber to support the business.

Barramundi is the ideal white flesh aquaculture species: hardy, fast growing, disease resistant, delicious, and capable of living in all ranges of salinity.  Paul, Matt and their team continually push the boundaries of traditional farming, with Paul working as Chief Scientist in Melbourne, and Matt overseeing the expansion of the Queensland farm.

The Werribee site where they started was identified as ideal for accessing a perfect water source at the right temperature.  In this area, there is  geothermally heated, pristine spring water drawn from an ancient aquifer, naturally free of any industrial or biological pollutants. They received water access rights and then drilled down to it specially for their farm.  This approach also meant there are no energy and environmental costs involved with heating their pristine water supply. For more information about the Infinity Blue team’s sustainability efforts, click here.

Relatively unknown to most is that a significant amount of this quintessential Aussie fish we eat is imported from overseas. There is a good chance however that many of these fish still have ties to Wyndham, with Paul and Mathew’s business being the largest producer of Barramundi fingerlings for export to markets across the world.