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Paul Harrison and Matthew Mangan are two mates who share the goal of feeding the world with delicious, sustainably produced fish. Paul holds a PhD in aquatic biology, while Matthew shifted his career path to train as a plumber to support the business. With this in mind, Infinity Blue Barramundi are grown in pristine water conditions and harvested using best practices to minimise stress. It is the ideal white flesh aquaculture species: hardy, fast growing, disease resistant, delicious, and capable of living in a wide range of salinity.

The team is committed to “combine the purest waters, best feed, fish care, science and speed to market, to produce the highest quality of fish available”. Mainstream’s land-based farms have minimal interference with natural marine ecosystems, a reduced chance of disease transfer and ensure wastewater is adequately treated before being discarded after use. Their consistent efforts to bring premium farmed fish to consumers for over 20 years, has resulted in Infinity Blue Barramundi becoming a restaurant favourite across Australia – trusted for being free of antibiotics, hormones, colourants and whitening agents and delivering a beautiful clean taste and succulent texture.


Infinity Blue MainStream Aquaculture has operations in Queensland and Victoria. The Queensland farm focusses on raising saltwater Barramundi, under the expertise of Marty and Linda Phillips. Merging with MainStream Aquaculture in 2018, Marty and Linda Phillips founded Pejo Enterprises in 2002. They believe in combining the best of nature and science, to produce premium quality Barramundi. The Wyndham farm on other hand, pushes the boundaries of traditional farming by growing fish in geo thermally heated, pristine spring water drawn from an ancient aquifer, just outside of Melbourne.




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