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Two Hands presents Jase Finlay to you. 

Oyster farmer Jase Finlay has always loved being in and around water.

After chasing his dream of riding waves for many years, Jase decided to pursue a career in teaching and spent time studying. However, he just couldn’t shake his love for the water and kept getting drawn back to his happy place!

“Being on the river is a truly magical experience, and I couldn’t have imagined finding another path that would give me the same type of fulfillment”, says Jase.

There was no going back for Jase, after being introduced to the beautiful world of oysters. He joined ‘Signature Oysters’, along with about a dozen other oyster farmers in the area, to promote the quality and provenance of their local oysters, as well as to bring stability and better pricing to the farmers.

With time, he began to form his own ideas on producing the perfect oyster.
So, what’s the perfect oyster you might think? Well, according to Jase, the perfect oyster is a well fed, rolled and loved beauty.

Two Hands sure does agree!

GoodFish : Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide rates Oysters as Green (Better choice) – to learn more, click here.

The above information has been independently approved by Australian Marine Conservation Society.

For more information about Jase Finlay and the Signature Oysters group click here.



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