Two Hands tracks down amazing artisan producers in Yunnan province

Artisan producers can be found in the most unlikely places… Last weekend our intrepid Founder Greg and Key Account Manager Alex flew down to Pu’er, home of traditionally produced fermented tea. They had heard there were farmers in this very poor district that were producing high standards of quality produce, but had limited market access and weren’t getting the prices they deserve.  Exactly what we are about!

Yuannan province

The Two Hands team were met and helped there by Kexin, a charitable organisation with experienced, university-graduated agricultural experts working hands-on with farmers to improve their farming practices and to bring digitisation.  Kexin introduced Greg & Alex to two different coffee bean farmers, both of whom are intensely passionate about their business and about producing the highest quality product, even though their multinational customers only want low quality, low priced beans.

It was truly inspirational speaking with these struggling farmers who despite their poverty, see producing a great coffee bean as creating a piece of artwork.  Weather conditions, sun position, seasons, different soils all affect coffee beans in different ways.  Roasting has to be adjusted according to these factors.  It became obvious that the way these producers think, coffee is the new wine. And the espresso that comes from their beans reflects that same level of passion, commitment and uncompromising focus on quality.

The Two Hands team are now working on how we can organise the logistics to be able to bring these incredible beans to you direct from these farms.  Kexin has also identified other premium quality producers of pork, organic free-range eggs, yams, oranges, mushrooms and a range of herbs that we could bring into the Two Hands marketplace from this otherwise backwards region.

dinner at Yuannan province

So stay tuned for some exciting quality produce offerings for you to work with to create magical dishes, and feel good about the reward and recognition for these deserving producers you are helping us to facilitate.