Welcome to our first Chilean producer on Two Hands!

The Two Hands team are proud to welcome our first producer onto the Marketplace from outside Australia – St. Andrews Mussels from Chile, one of the world’s largest mussel farmers!                   

St. Andrews was started by Soames Flowerree at age 33 as a way for him to give back to his adopted homeland he had come to love. It is a perfect addition to the Two Hands offering.  This is because they not only deliver world-leading quality products, but are absolutely committed to ecological stewardship and community development where they operate.  

Soames says “I founded this company to represent the best of Chile to the world, to do it in a way that benefits the local community and protects the beauty of the Chilean lands and waters.  Working with Two Hands helps us to bring our high-quality mussels to more customers, while ensuring the authenticity, safety and provenance of our offering.”      

Two Hands founder Greg McLardie says “Our intent was always to expand our marketplace beyond Australian producers.  We want to include like-minded companies from around the world, who are committed to providing the highest quality produce in a way that is ethical, transparent and safe directly to chefs globally.”

“It is the Two Hands mission to restore power to these producers, to ensure their unique and compelling stories are shared with the chefs who lovingly use their quality ingredients to create wonderful dining experiences.  St. Andrews Mussels, as a world leader, but even more importantly, with their highly ethical business approach, are a perfect partner for us to expand our footprint beyond Australian producers.”   

St. Andrews is based on the idyllic island of Chiloe in southern Chile, with its own unique environmental and cultural attributes that set the island much further apart figuratively than the physical 2 km gap from the mainland would suggest.                                                                       

Read more about St. Andrews and the island of Chiloe.  

Or jump to our products page to order their delicious frozen native Chilean mussels (‘Chorito’), available in shell in 2 different pack sizes.  Both offerings showcase a briny, full taste unique to the Chilean Patagonia due to the biologically diverse and nutrient rich waters of the Humboldt Current that surrounds Chiloe, and their integrated harvesting and processing processes which ensure the delivery of this flavor profile direct to your kitchen and diners.