More sustainable beef production is possible – and Macka’s the proof of it 

Macka’s is all about producing high quality grass-fed Black Angus Beef on ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable farms. The family-owned business has always considered essential to respect the land they work on, and is constantly innovating to gradually reduce their environmental impact, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral.  

They regularly scientifically test soil samples to measure carbon in the soil, as grass and vegetation consume carbon from the atmosphere, placing it in the soil where it becomes innate. To optimise this, Macka’s implements strategies like planting Kikuyu and Rye grass, as they absorb more carbon than other grasses, and leaving large areas of natural vegetation.  

Macka’s is also using groundbreaking emission control blocks to reduce the amount of methane that his cattle are producing. The multi-modal molasses-based blocks have been developed over the past five years by Brisbane-based animal nutrition company AgCoTech in conjunction with the University of Sydney. For Macka’s, the consumption of a single 40kg block over 200 days is delivering an impressive 350kg average reduction in methane emissions per animal, in addition to delivering significant health benefits. The blocks work by increasing the digestive capability of the rumen, enabling livestock to more readily digest fibre, rather than produce greenhouse gases.  

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