Upcoming Proteins for the Two Hands Marketplace

The Two Hands team is seeking to continue to aggressively grow the proteins and artisan ingredients available through our marketplace, so we can better meet your needs as a full service marketplace. All of these products would meet our existing high standards of being of competitively priced, high quality, Australian-origin offering, available to you direct from the producer.

We would highly value your feedback on which of the following ingredients you would be most interested to see added to our list.

The first two, eels and a variety of fish, are both wild catches, and most importantly, completely sustainable.  For eels in particular, this is a significant breakthrough, allowing you and your diners to once again feel good about purchasing and enjoying this delicacy. 


Please note, the producer of Southern Eels Australia, unlike most other eel sources, harvests wild eels from the natural lakes and rivers of SE Australia. Their eels harvesting is fully sustainable for both the eel stocks and the environment, consistent with the requirements of the Australian Commonwealth Environmental Protections and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) and the Victorian Eel Fishery Management Plan (2017).

2 types of eels available, both live and frozen:

      • Wild Shortfin eels 
      • Wild Longfin eels

Sustainably Caught Wild Fish:

  • King George Whiting
  • Southern Calamari
  • Southern Sea Garfish
  • Rock Flathead
  • Greenback Flounder
  • Blue Spot Flathead
  • Silver Trevally
  • Blue Weed Whiting
  • Leather Jacket
  • Yellow Eye Mullet
  • Gummy Shark
  • Tailor


Octopus (frozen, whole)



F1 Wagyu Beef (same cuts as Angus Beef, chilled)

Lamb (frozen)

Or if you have other suggestions for either producers or products to be added to our Marketplace, please feel free to share with us. All feedback should be sent to: sales@twohands.w