Younger customers want to know the source of food as much as you do…

The global pandemic has certainly created more concern about food safety and authenticity.  But annual global research has also now shown that younger consumers around the world are particularly prepared to actively support businesses that are committed to these issues.

GlobeScan shared its global research results during a panel at Seafood Expo North America Reconnect  last week.  They said that in the past 12 months, the percentage of consumers aged 18-34 who said they would choose to reward companies that show they are responsible almost doubled (from 20% to 38%). It also found 70 percent of these consumers wanted more info from companies about sustainability, and 63 percent wanted to know their fish can be traced back to a known and trusted source.

GlobeScan CEO Chris Coulter said, “They really want to support brands that align with their values,” she said. “I suspect we’re going to continue to see this momentum caused by this younger generation.”

So we know you appreciate the assurance Two Hands gives you of authenticated, quality produce – but make sure your patrons know you are using Two Hands too!

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