On the way to becoming seafood positive

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with OneFishTwoFish which will make a difference to the health of our oceans. Their vision is to move towards a ‘circular’ seafood economy, where fish stocks are regularly replenished, and harvest is balanced with production.​ As the core of our work relies on healthy ocean ecosystems, we’re so excited to use our business to […]

Luke Anedda and Corner Inlet fishers committed to protecting the environment they work in 

Luke Anedda, together with other 17 commercial fishers, operates in Victoria’s Corner Inlet Nooramunga Fishery, 160 kilometres southeast of Melbourne, providing 400-500 tonnes of seafood a year, mainly to the Victorian market. As FRDC (Fisheries Research and Development Corporation) writes in this article, the inlet’s fishers have a strong focus on keeping their seafood sustainable.   […]

More sustainable beef production is possible – and Macka’s the proof of it 

Macka’s is all about producing high quality grass-fed Black Angus Beef on ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable farms. The family-owned business has always considered essential to respect the land they work on, and is constantly innovating to gradually reduce their environmental impact, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral.   They regularly scientifically test soil samples to […]

Good Food Guide Awards – Congratulations to our amazing clients! 

It’s that time of year again, and while we love working with all of you, we wanted to give an extra ‘shout out’ to the following winners.   During this year’s Good Food Guide Awards, many of our clients received a “hat”, Good Food’s own award system.  THE AGE GOOD FOOD GUIDE – Two Hats:  – […]

New fresh seafood right in time for summer! 

We’re thrilled to welcome two new producers this November, Ben Cameron and Paul Polacco, offering fresh and sustainable seafood, respectively Pacific Oysters and Queen Scallops.  The Camerons have been in the oyster industry for over 30 years, operating in the pristine water of Southern Tasmania. To guarantee the highest quality, the Cameron Family became the […]

Sustainably caught seafood from Port Lincoln, South Australia 

This month, we welcome Jack Henderson, fishing for Sand Crabs and Nannygay (commonly known as “Redfish” or “Red Snapper”) in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Jack took over the family business at the age of 22 and has been committed to providing his customers high-quality sustainably caught produce, ever since. “We are unique in the way […]